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Why do people need God?

          Francisco Jose Ayala wails that most people need God for their values and purpose in ” Darwin and Intelligent Design.” No! We ourselves are responsible for our values and purposes. Are we required to use telepathy to find out His values and purposes for us? We can  ground them in our experiences. He avers elsewhere that we need Him to overcome dread and find purpose. Seek therapy to overcome any dread. Our own purposes and human love and this one life suffice! No divine purpose and divine love and the future state can validate us. And Augustine in spite of,  no evidence exists for the argument from angst that we need Him,and none exists for the happiness-purpose argument.

       We find teleonomy-mechanism- no wanted outcomes than teleology-purpose-intent per Lamberth’s  teleonomic argument. Thus, we have no need of Him to explain why things happen,no more than we need demons to be the over-arching cause of  mental illness or gremlins to explain mechanical failure.God did it explains nothing. It adds no useful information to natural cause and explanations. Alister Earl McGrath, in spite of, He is a useless redundancy, violating the Ockham requiring  convoluted, ad hoc assumptions, and Richard Swinburne in spite of, then not an example of simplicity.

  We can use our inner resources under whatever inspiration we wish than imagine that He through our faith gets us through life!

 Where do you stand on this matter of our need or not for Him?




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